November 29, 2018

Introducing DSGN

I’m so excited to announce my new high-fashion lifestyle brand, called DSGN. (Pronounced deh-sig-née’ obviously.)

My co-Chief Brand Officers and I are announcing our Winter 2019 cycle of products. Each one is crafted to enrich every part of your life.

  1. Indeterminate Spin — our fast-paced, push-your-limits indoor cycling experience.
  2. Dark Patterns — unique high-end alcohols and custom crafted cocktails from your favorite mixologists, including our artisan artisanal grain alcohol Kern”
  3. Flexbox — ingenious, collapsable suitcases that are designed for when you’re in flight and at home planning your next adventure.
  4. TableView — bespoke plate, silver, and glassware that is sure to please even the most discerning of guests.
  5. Hamburger Menu — a delectable diner popup restaurant in Chicago. You’ll be addicted to our fries and milkshakes, we guarantee it.
  6. Segmented Controller — perfectly ergonomic, simple-yet-powerful home theatre universal remote controllers.
  7. Affordance — a revolutionary no-limits, total rewards credit card.
  8. Gulf of Evaluation & Gulf of Execution — a thoughtful HR platform for hiring and 360 reviews that will help you build and nurture your superstar team.

Lastly — our highest concept product yet:

  1. Sketch — the must-have anonymous hookup app for your iPhone XS.

Thanks to Trevor Austin and Alex Area crafting this experience with me. You’re both so fab.

October 25, 2018

jumpjump Professional photoshoot is professional

October 16, 2018 milk and honeymilk and honey
October 16, 2018


Just like malware is short for malicious software’, Delaware is short for delicious software.’” — swarpert

September 24, 2018

Verizon Wireless Brings the #Security

If you spent the weekend watching NFL you were no doubt inundated with Verizon Wireless’s 5G network launch ads. But what’s new for customers today is not a faster network, but a slower login process… Now featuring username/password, security questions, and multi-factor codes.

The extra steps carriers are introducing to your regular log in experience feels incredibly fragmented. Let’s take a look at getting access to a Verizon Wireless account.

1. Log In
Log In The basics of one’s Verizon Wireless account.

2. Security Question
Security Question
Despite loading multiple security questions when registering Verizon will only present a single security question to you when logging in online.

3. Two Step Prompt
Select MFA Go to the Verizon App Now pull out your mobile phone and wait about 20 seconds for the push notification from the Verizon Wireless app.

4. Grant from Mobile App Swipe the notification and wait for the dialog in-app. Look at that lovely indeterminate progress spinner and super unclear instructions. So well designed.

This entire process is slow. Every step takes forever to load. The new prompt from phone app” flow should feel secure but it is divorced from the Verizon branding and inherently feels terribly sketchy.

Are you attempting to sign into My Verizon on the internet?” — Cannot beat that dialog.

Google has a similar multi-factor prompt system in their Google search app for iOS. However their system feels incredibly fast. Use of delightful loading indicators and consistent branding in the user interface imbues trust.

The four major US carriers have also recently announced Project Verify to use your SIM card as a multi-factor authentication / single-sign on of sorts. I’m not holding my breath.

And to be completely clear, I’m thrilled for carriers to take security seriously. I hope that this extends to how they prevent and manage social engineering via their customer service channels. Beyond taking security seriously, it also matters how you make security usable.

September 7, 2018


This song has been on repeat for me all week. Panetoz is an all around fun, catchy band.