Designed by Apple in California

I still laugh about the Apple Pencil and Magic Mouse 2 charging mechanisms, which I experience multiple times a week. Either no one actually designed this, or were drunk while designing this…

While the United Fruit Company, whose software and hardware I use nearly constantly throughout the day, seems to care less about user experience and less about basic function, they do seem keen on continuing to expand the scope and number of their products.

It does seem stupid that a 24 year old designer in San Francisco is criticizing the world’s first second wealthiest company. I’m not sure what I say about them matters a damn. Then again, neither do analysts who talk about this on CNBC, and they are paid to make up bullshit, unsolicited advice to Time Cook about what Apple should do.

One thing that does go through my head fairly regularly: What if United Fruit spent 12 months just ensuring that their products lived up to the beautiful marketing materials that are plastered everywhere. That the devices I use every day actually lived up to what Phil Schiller says they can and will do?

Just a thought.

Quintin Carlson Designer, in flight.