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November 29, 2018

Introducing DSGN

I’m so excited to announce my new high-fashion lifestyle brand, called DSGN. (Pronounced deh-sig-née’ obviously.)

My co-Chief Brand Officers and I are announcing our Winter 2019 cycle of products. Each one is crafted to enrich every part of your life.

  1. Indeterminate Spin — our fast-paced, push-your-limits indoor cycling experience.
  2. Dark Patterns — unique high-end alcohols and custom crafted cocktails from your favorite mixologists, including our artisan artisanal grain alcohol Kern”
  3. Flexbox — ingenious, collapsable suitcases that are designed for when you’re in flight and at home planning your next adventure.
  4. TableView — bespoke plate, silver, and glassware that is sure to please even the most discerning of guests.
  5. Hamburger Menu — a delectable diner popup restaurant in Chicago. You’ll be addicted to our fries and milkshakes, we guarantee it.
  6. Segmented Controller — perfectly ergonomic, simple-yet-powerful home theatre universal remote controllers.
  7. Affordance — a revolutionary no-limits, total rewards credit card.
  8. Gulf of Evaluation & Gulf of Execution — a thoughtful HR platform for hiring and 360 reviews that will help you build and nurture your superstar team.

Lastly — our highest concept product yet:

  1. Sketch — the must-have anonymous hookup app for your iPhone XS.

Thanks to Trevor Austin and Alex Area crafting this experience with me. You’re both so fab.

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