Thanksgiving 2017

Continuing in tradition, and my strong belief that the opposite of thanks” is shanks,” here is my list for 2017.


Shanks to TNT for cancelling Major Crimes after six amazing seasons and despite strong ratings.

Shanks to those who think that being gay is fine now. I can lose my job, get kicked out of my apartment, or denied service because someone is a bigot who is spending too much time thinking about my sex life.

Shanks to California drivers who are scared of the rain.

Shanks to Florida for continuing to exist.

Shanks to Dropbox. Every part of your product is poorly designed and engineered. From Dropbox Paper to your sync engine. I literally cannot wait to be rid of you.

Shanks to the FCC for attempting to roll back Net Neutrality regulations, again.

Shanks to the Department of Justice Anti-Trust Division focusing on Transportation. How could you let Virgin America and Alaska merge with essentially no strings attached? I will miss you forever, Redwood.


This year, despite evolving from 2016’s dumpster fire to the tornado in our collective backyards, has not been entirely terrible.

Thanks to my team at Flexport. I’m so proud of the work we’ve done.

Thanks to my new friends in Chicago. ;)

Thanks to Kesha, for being strong for all of us.

Thanks to close friends and family who have been incessantly encouraging.

Thanks to The Cheesecake Factory for existing. Shout out to the Nordstrom Cafe Bistro.

Thanks to my Honda Civic for unlocking the open road.

Thanks to my favorite nonfiction show, Earlier Times But Now with Spruance Morgendörffer. I’m so happy to spend my Sundays with you.

Thanks to journalists for doing your job. Thank you ACLU, Lambda Legal and the SPLC.

Thanks to Spotify for consistently knowing what music I want next and for getting Taylor back.

In Conclusion

This year has been just as tough as the previous one. With 2018 now in range, I’m anxiously waiting in the gate area. I hope we can all remain open-hearted.

Quintin Carlson Designer, in flight.