April 4, 2018

Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes.

With the Spotify’s recent IPO, The Washington Post’s Elahel Zadi and Travis M. Andrews launched an amazing quiz challenging you discern between a failed music streaming service or Stefon recommended nightclub.

Take the quiz.. I got 22/26.

Question 16Question 16 Question 26Question 26

Music Streaming Ephemera

Taking this quiz brought me back to different points in my life. Remembering services like Groveshark — which was built by students at the University of Florida. (Subsequently featured on Gimlet’s Startup podcast.

Thinking back to using Rdio — and their sad retrospective when they shut down.

Turn Down for RdioTurn Down for Rdio

Which brings me back to a favorite quote on the subject of streaming services.

Selling consumer-grade headphones at professional-grade prices with endorsements from a major-celebrity musician, a high-profile charity, and an overpriced pseudoscience lawsuit-happy cable manufacturer, HD, Special Edition is a more profitable business than streaming music. — Marco Arment

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